How to backlinks improve my websites?

I have a word press websites. I have made five hundred backlinks. I have used fresh content. But website have not improved page rank on the Google. So please will you tell me. How should I make backlink?

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Quality back-links only help to increase traffic. Back-links from High PR sites will be good always. So please check the links you created.

Do you mean PageRank, or do you mean its position in search results?

Google has long since ceased to publish regular PR updates, so any information you can find will be out-of-date and/or inaccurate. It is pointless to worry about it.

That one is easy - you shouldn’t. The only links worth having (from an SEO point of view) are those which you earn, where another site has chosen to link to yours because of the quality of your content. Large-scale link-building to try to manipulate search engines is a thing of the past, and may now do more harm than good. (See

As explained above, it is no longer possible to know accurately the PR of any page. Also, PR is calculated per page, not per site; PR may vary considerably within a site.


@seoinnj8 you have to check the quality of the backlinks. Backlinks from the low page rank not gone to help you in increasing the page rank, as Content with the good backlinks (Backlinks from high PR website) will increse the traffic and PR. So you need to be more focused on the Content which you are posting on you r website.

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@Rahul991kumar: please read the thread before replying. I’ve just explained, in the post above yours, that it is no longer possible to know with any accuracy what PR a page has.

I have also explained that PR is calculated per page, not per site, so referring to a “high PR website” is nonsense. Many popular sites may have a high PR home page and much lower PR internal pages - and in any case, only Google now knows with any degree of accuracy what the PR of any given page is.

Now there I do agree with you. The quality of your content is the most important thing, and your time is much better spent working on that than worrying about backlinks.

Nowadays PR doesn’t matter. But you can check the Domain Authority (DA) of that website from you get the link back to your website. High DA websites are always passing benefits to your website.

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Domain Authority is a metric created and used by Moz to attempt to predict how well a domain might perform in search results. It is not used by search engines, and there is no guarantee that search engines will regard a site highly, just because it has a high DA. Yes, you could use it as some kind of rough guide, but equally, you could just judge the quality of the site for yourself.

In any case, no matter what the DA, PA or anything else may be, major search engines regard user-submitted links as all but worthless (and reputable sites will mark these as nofollow), so forget about building links and concentrate on creating high-quality content which will earn links.

use ahref tool. From there you could get many competitor sites and from where they get backlink. Every details you will get on ahref tool

And then you do what?

Are you suggesting that trying to copy your competitors and place your links where they have their links is really the best use of your time?

For anybody who missed it earlier in this topic, may I recommend that you read Google’s guidelines on link schemes.

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

So pretty much anything that’s been suggested so far in this topic - apart from earning links through great content - falls foul of those guidelines.

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Signup for the trial of and check your page stats.
Also, compare your site with your competitor(s) and try to re-engineer their backlinks and anchors.

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Thanks to those who contributed.

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