How to Fix Indexing Problem

I am doing SEO for ranking of my B2B portal but my backlinks are not getting indexed. Even I have tried, social sharing, bookmarking, search engine submission, and hyperlinking on bloggers, word press, or high PR sites but no link is getting indexed. Please tell me the solution.


All of that is artificial. It’s about you trying to push your site out there whether or not it’s any good. Over the years, search engines have realized this kind of activity is no indication of quality, so I’m actually glad they ignore these kinds of efforts. Focus on making your content and services as good as they can be, make real connections, and don’t rely on the vagaries of search engines for business success. Search Engine Optimism is not a valid basis on which to run a business.


Also… what sort of timeframe are you looking at? It can take search engines weeks or months to re-index a site. If you’re expecting to create a link and it instantly show up, you’ve got a long wait ahead of you.

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There are so many reasons why your backlinks not getting be indexed and some of the examples are given below:

  • Check the quality of your backlinks.
  • Make sure the quality of backlinks is not no-follow links.
  • Make sure the backlinks which you are creating are not fallen into the spam category.
  • Another thing is to be patient because sometimes backlinks take time to index.
  • If possible you can use any backlink checker tool.
    these are the things you can do and I hope these points help you out.

Self-created back-links are spam as far as the major search engines are concerned.
Which pretty much explains why they are ignoring them.

If your backlinks are not getting indexed, there are a few potential solutions to consider. First, ensure that the backlinks are of high quality and relevance. Search engines prioritize indexing authoritative and trusted websites. Additionally, consider using a tool like Google Search Console to submit your sitemap, which can help in the indexing process. You can also try promoting your content through active social media engagement and sharing on platforms relevant to your industry. It’s important to be patient as indexing can take time.

There are several factors that could be affecting their visibility in search engines. Here are some possible solutions you can try:

  1. Quality of backlinks
  2. Be patient and give It time
  3. Check for crawling issues
  4. XML sitemap submission
  5. Quality content and user engagement
  6. Social Media Marketing

Remember, SEO is a long-term strategy, and indexing backlinks can take time.

Use Tools for Website Audit for solving technical errors for reducing Indexing issues
Give Submit Request for Indexing in Google Search Console
Use Ping Tool for index fast
Review sitemap.xml

Everything that needs to be said here has been said. Thanks all.

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