How to identify unused CSS code

Hi from 3pm working too late York UK :wink:

OK its clear ive got a CSS file with a tonne of un used code :frowning: I want to clean it up but am newvous about breaking the site! So when looking at my css file: iI tried to follow a tutorial to identify unused CSS code but I couldnt replicate it :frowning:

Some css looks like total garbage eg:
Line 36175 -
.slick-prev:before {
à content: "Æ’Ãâ…

So i just need a tool suggestion to weed out the junk & speed up my site :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

There is a current discussion on this very subject. See this post with link to article:

I’ll close this thread to prevent duplication and you can join in there if you have any further questions.