Remove unused css

What is the best way / quickest way / safest way to remove usused css from a website? Is it worth doing from a performance point of view?

There was a recent discussion here:


Brilliant, thanks!

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Says it scans entire site, makes recommendations, for free.
However doesn’t seem to scan every page, so you’d have to be careful. For example, it went down one sub-menu option then when it got to the end of that, didn’t return to do the other branches, and didn’t do the entire main menu either.
I also added this to the other thread


It does say

First of all, this is a beta version, we’re still testing it.

Frankly, we are just testing the concept and if there’s enough demand we’ll keep developing the tool further and even post the sources on Github

Hopefully they will keep developing and it will improve with time.

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