Any tools/Best way for unused CSS?

So I made a few websites a couple of years ago which started of really well. For the last 2 years they went through several changes, A lot of the markup was added/removed & new styles were added & now it does not remain in the best/efficient way.
I’m sure there is some CSS which is lying unused, some duplicated & some that could be redone.

Are there any tools that can point it out ? Any tips on how to go about cleaning it up ?


There are a number of tools about but you often need to check them carefully as they can cause errors in logic if they change the order of the code or accidentally remove hacks etc.

This one seems to do what you want but I haven’t tested it.

There are other similar tools [URL=“”]around but always remember to create a backup first :slight_smile:

I was just going through my stars on github and ran into this one that I starred a long time ago, but forgot about.

It might be useful. I’ve never used it, but it’s open source.

An oldie by SitePoint, called Dust-Me Selectors, was updated not so long ago and is available here:

I already linked to that one :wink:

You guys are awesome.
Thank. I’ll check those out now

Oops, sorry. I hovered over the links and didn’t see the same one as I was posting. Missed the ‘dust me’ bit in the URL.