CSS optimizer

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to automatically remove rules that are used nowhere on my site. Is there a tool for that ?

Second, how do you manage to keep your CSS files organized after several weeks of development ? I always end up with a jungle and I find what I’m looking for with Firebug. Am I normal?

I have come across tools before that will strip-out unused CSS values or reorder them to remove duplicated sections, etc. Though it was several years back and it was on a per page basis.

I don’t know if you are normal or not? But so long as you modularise and create a robust system/convention, which you stick to when planning you’ll have fewer problems.

Try dust-me-selectors FF addon :slight_smile:

I did and it’s great! But how to make it clean my CSS files for me? I have tons of unused stuff and it will take hours to do it one by one…

It won’t go through the CSS files and give you an updated one, it doesn’t work magic :). However if you are willing to go through it all one by one (you can have both open side by side and slowly go down the list) then that’s a possibility :).

Ok then, thank you very much.