How to highlight text in photoshop

Hi I would like to highlight some text in photoshop, to design something as can be seen at Here they employ highlighted text for links instead of the usual bold or underline, and i would like to know how to recreate that in photoshop, as I cannot find a quick highlight button (like in Word). Thanks

Are you trying to use Photoshop to export the HTML with the links highlighted?

If so, I’m not sure that Photoshop can generate that level of code, unless the newest version offers that. If you’re not generating HTML with it, you could just create a simple box and put it in the layer below the text.

no i just want to create the look of it, and was wondering whether there was another way apart from putting a box beneath the text.

Open Photoshop and select New from the File menu. Select the Type tool.

Step 2Locate the background you want to add text to and click Open.

Step 3Click on the background. Type your text.

Step 4Choose All from the Select menu to highlight your text. Select your font and size from the drop-down menus in the Type Tool window.

Step 5Click on the color box and click on a light color. Click OK twice.

Step 6From the Layers menu, select Effects and then Outer Glow. Change Mode to Normal, Opacity to 100, Blur to 3 and Intensity to 600.

Step 7Click on the color box and select a dark color. Click OK.

apsal is right. Rendering an Outer glow is the way to bring that effect. Or you can also give some outer bevel.

using photoshop cs 4 and i have no blur and intensity options under outer glow

cant manage it in cs4

Hi friends,
I’m fooling around with some text - different fonts, colors, etc… but I want to make the highlighting disappear so that I can see the color changes taking place without having to deselect the highlighted text and then reselect if I’m not happy.

I know that there’s a keyboard shortcut for this, and there may be an option in the toolbar, though I can’t find it.

Can anyone help? Am I explaining this clearly enough? If not let me know and I’ll try to do better.

Any help is most certainly appreciated. Thanks!

@neilkivin: start a new thread.