Diagonal Text in Photoshop - Help with Crispness


I want to create diagonal text in Photoshop. This is what I’ve been doing:

I’ll create an HTML page, with say, “Test” written in the center. I will then print the screen and bring it to Photoshop.

When I go to Photoshop, I’ll paste it, and then go Image -> Rotate Canvas -> Arbitrary -> 45 CCW. But when the image gets rotated, the text becomes all pixelated.

How can I keep the text nice and clean and crisp when I go to rotate it?


why don’t just open a new Photoshop file write on it using the text tool

then click Edit >> Free Transform (ctrl+T) apply 45° in the field where it is shown the angle in the top bar or rotate using the mouse :wink: click on the move tool and then click apply :wink:

Thanks for that, Dark Tranquility. The thing though, is that I want a certain font. For instance, arial font 12px in Photoshop isn’t the same as arial font 12px in a regular html or css document. The html document’s text is so much crisper. How can I get this same crispness in Photoshop or a matching font like that?


click Window >> Character
then in the bottom of that window (where it is writte aa: None ) choose crisp instead of none you can also try smooth/ strong etc…
The Character window:

Thanks man :slight_smile:

it worked for you? :slight_smile:


Dude Dark Tranquility <— Your the man! Nice and simple explanation lol I searched google and received stuff like “simple Ctrl + T” wow like I didn’t know that, I wanted it to be proportionate sop you giving me a screenshot for the degree thingy helped me a lot :slight_smile:

nice tool bro