How to give text a yellow highlight in Photoshop?

What is the easiest way to give text a yellow highlight in Photoshop?

I am referring to text that is part of an image already, so the highlight will have to go on top of the image.


I’d try to select the text (for example is it’s a solid color one - using a Wand), create a separate layer and apply Outer Glow or Stroke effect. This layer fill factor would have to be reduced to zero.

If simple Wand or similar selection method wouldn’t work, I’d re-create the text contents.

I have to do this for a lot of images so unfortunately I can’t re-create the text…

isn’t there a way that i can use the marquee too, put a box around the text, and some how fill it with a transparent yellow? It needs to have a highlighter look to it.

I’m looking for the easiest, less time consuming way to do this as I have lots of images to work with.


If the text is part of the picture, you really have to crop it first, put it on another layer and put outer glow effect. There are loads of ways on how to crop or mask objects, just look for the fastest way. I can’t tell you which one is the fastest because I need to judge it by looking at the picture.

Could you possibly post an example of a picture you’d like to do this on like Banza suggested?

If you have a lot of images to work with it sounds like it could be a time intesive task. I’d consider redoing the text from scratch if it would work. You will gain a lot more control over the text and effect and not be fiddling around trying to mask things. Hard to tell without seeing samples though.

Redoing the text is really not an option…

The text is a print screen of web pages, so as an example you can take a snapshot of any web page, and then try highlighting a couple words of the text. That is what I’m trying to do…

If that is the case I’d try a different approach. Use a utility programme to download the webpage or create a local copy. Then do your edits with highlighting and final step is to create your print-screen or jpg copy.

The hardest part about what you are trying to do is that it will be time intensive to select the text then apply a highlight. If you can do the highlight to live text you will save yourself huge amounts of time.

I know that Adobe Acrobat Professional will allow you to create a PDF of a web page and you would then be able to manipulate that PDF in other programmes. I’m sure others can suggest other tools that may do the same thing. Certainly if you have the ability to work off the live text version I would strongly recommend that as the starting point.

I was looking for the answer to this question and figured it out after none of the above responses were any help.

Select the area of text you want to highlight. Create a new layer. Fill the selection with yellow. Set layer blend mode to multiply.

This works well when text is darker than background. It looks odd if text is lighter than background.

Hope this helps someone out there!