Photoshop word wrap

Hi All,

I was given some text to use in an image.

When I paste the text into photoshop it goes out about a mile to the side.

Is there any way to set a selection or margins when pasting text so that it will stay within the boundaries I set.

I did a search and found this

simply use text bottom in cs, shrink to ~ size you want your text to be placed in, and use ctrl+c ctrl+v combination. then you can transform and edit your text like in page maker. its easy

unfortunatly it makes no sense.

Thanks for your help.

  1. Select your font size and Type Face.
  2. With your Text Tool click and drag a rectangle or square on your canvas to create the area (Text Box) you want the text to be constrained.


Thanks for that tip this has always been a problem for me and had prevoiusly just put in the line breaks but this is awesome