Submitting articles

Do you have good site suggestions where to submit an article? :slight_smile:

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This must be a good source of Article Submissions : is also pretty good

Article marketing is a great way to build backlinks, and since austin listed some helpful article directories i guess i would like to add a few more sites to help to you to have a higher traffic: has a list of over 1400 directories to submit to.

There are directories in directorycritic however that dont seem to work anymore. Iv’e checked them and only those on top of the list which work.

So far I have been submitting to ezine and my own article directories. It works well when comes to traffic.

There are a s h i t load of online newspapers and magazines that are always looking for fresh content.

And the pay is a hell of a lot better.

Use this article directories…


Austin Parkar

Go to You will find the list of directories with PR. Check the PR and submit the articles in high PR sites.

I have this list on bookmarked. This is a big help for me, thank you Austin. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion. I will follow what you said here.

Thanks Austin :slight_smile:

Thanks I usually only use helium and ezine. will give the other ones a shot.

Great list austin. Just like to point out the ones that have been working for me are, and

Hi All,
can any one tell me that on how much article sites we should submit single article. We should submit single article on single article site on more then one sites.

Personally I like ArticlesBase and ArticleMonkeys. They used to approve real fast, but both are nofollow now.

Try these out…

Hi there,

Google this one:List of 254 LIVE Articles Submission Sites

and you’ll be flooded with sites. =)