How to get a forum to lift its ban?

I’ve been permanently banned from two forums and I’d like to be reinstated.
So can someone please tell me how can a member of a forum be reinstated after he’s been permanently banned?

Contact the forum administrator and plea your case.

It depends on why you were banned in the First Place…If you were banned for Spamming…and you think you were not…then Contact the administrator and tell him…your clarifications…if he is a Kind Hearted Admin he will lift your ban…Another thing most forums have a Section where banned members can post…if in anycase you cannot contact the admin you can post your message there…

Exactly what the 2 above have mentioned! Usually though you can contact the administrator and deal it out with them. Good luck!

Thank you all for your interest and advise. :slight_smile:

Well yes only admin can help you.Asked them about your concern,they may lift your account otherwise you have to create the new one.No other way.

Me also have the same experience…I contact the admin but they were not replied

Most admins ban because they consider you a spammer. If it’s not the case, politely contact them and discuss it. You cannot force anyone to allow you into their community, but a talk would help you find out what you did wrong, so that it won’t happen again.

I also got problem on that I just send a message to the administrator but then there’s no reply maybe I need to wait. As long as you know that your not one of the spammer. Definitely you account can go back.

I had the same problem. I had good reputation points too but they just banned me from the forum because of IP range. I contacted the admin but they didn’t replied. I don’t think once you get banned they have time to reconsider you and remove ban.

I think just you avoidcyourself from spam activities also comment or reply thread by relative and positive way.

I think there’s no more to be said. Thread closed.