How to get paid/

I want to sell my services or products online but having no paypal. What other methods can be used to get paid online?

There are many, many other shopping cart available online. Some you install on your own site, others you link to (like PayPal). Can you give some more details of what you want to sell and how you want to sell it?

I want to write articles. Want to work as a free lancer.

O, I see. Well, for people who want to pay me via credit card, I use PayMate. I can just email the client a link with a set figure, and they pay thought the PayMate interface straight into my bank account. No merchant account or any of that other boloney. :slight_smile:

Many thanks mate!
And what about who want to pay via paypal?

Tough luck. :smiley:

LOL. I think you should make a paypal account, it only takes some simple steps.

The OP in in India, where that’s not possible. :wink:

I prefer to use paymate and paypal. You just need to set and account in few simple steps.

Have you thought about Western Union or Money Gram?

Why not Paypal? Their service sucks sometimes…but so many people use them it usually makes sense. They like freezing accounts from time to time, so usually if you keep a low balance and don’t get crazy transactions out of the blue you will be good

If you’re freelancing why not just send an invoice with your bank account details?

They are not available in India.

Good point, although if your clients are overseas, that’s not much use.

Hey there! as all saying here are a number of options there, but looking at your concern it would be good for you if you make an paypal account. Its pretty much easy to make and handle. And comparatively more beneficial than other services.

PLEASE read the whole thread—or even the post above yours—before making comments like that. :slight_smile:

I think we can close this now.