Best Way to Use Paypal + Wordpress

What is the best way for people to pay me using wordpress for a service like article writing. Is there a buy it now button i can use on wordpress or a plug-in. My site is self-hosted. I want people to be able to come and pay for an article via paypal then I will do the work for them.

Any thoughts? Also besides paypal whats the best tool to pay via credit/debit card?

You can put anything you want on your WordPress blog. You can paste HTML right into your theme or into the body of a post (in source view on the editor). So log in to your PayPal account, click the Merchant Tools tab, and use the button generator to create the button you want. Then paste it into the post or page you want it to appear on, or if you want it to appear on all pages of your blog, into one of your theme files.

You could also use something simple like this: