The last piece of the puzzle: Getting Paid!


First let me say that as a Sitepoint user for the past several months, there’s no way that I could have completed my first website without the help of this community; being a complete novice in PHP, javascript, html, CSS, and databases, all of my questions have been answered with clarity and enthusiasm!

The last piece of the puzzle, then, is getting folks to be able to buy my product. :slight_smile:

The site itself is an online math-book/homework system. Users pay a one-time fee ($30.00) for access to the system. Before diving in, I thought that I’d ask some advice from the pros:

  1. I’m thinking of going with Paypal: any thoughts?
  2. If I do use Paypal, any thoughts on the “flow” of events? In other words, how would I order the process in terms of giving them a username/password and having them plunk down the 30 bucks?
  3. Is integrating a “trial period” difficult?

I’m sure that I’ll have more questions, but a big-picture sense of the process at this point would be most helpful. And, hopefully my questions above aren’t too broad.

Thanks (again),


You probably would have to use something like Paypal IPN; Paypal might have other solutions as well.

Easiest approach is letting them pay, then you create an account and email them.

You can then get lot more sophisticated with this. After they make the payment you can have Paypal send you back to your system on a page where you would do the rest of the processing.

You may wanna check out Paypal developer site for some details on this.

Thank you!

I’ll check out IPN and see where it takes me.