How to get Organic Traffic for my e commerce website

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Please, can anyone help me to gain Organic traffic through SEO techniques for my e-commerce website. After the latest change of Google Penguin 2.1 it’s keyword ranking goes down and traffic is also goes down. Please someone help me in this.

Increasingly the organic traffic is going to be a side effect of you creating a popular site that real people are talking about and returning again and again. This is something very difficult to create artificially, and you must learn to engage your users, find out what they like, and create a site that gets them to spend time with you even before the money is spent.

How to get Organic Traffic?

  • Step 1: Make sure you have your website up and running on a decent hosting provider.
  • Step 2: Design an elegant theme for your website and keep your navigational menus friendly and clear.
  • Step 3: Engage with your users by presenting high quality unique content.
  • Step 4: Benchmark your site for Speed and make sure the load time is less than 5 seconds.
  • Step 5: Keyword Research - You need to do deep keyword research to see how search engines must classify your site.
  • Step 6: After doing a proper keyword research, you would need to start doing your on-page optimization. Optimizing your titles, headers, contents, adding images and integrating videos.
  • Step 7: Make a sitemap for your site and make sure your robot.txt file is not blocking any major search engine.
  • Step 8: Open social accounts for your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The more social accounts you open, the better.
  • Step 9: Interact with your fans and users online through the social networks as that will help bring real traffic to your site.
  • Step 10: Off-Page Optimization - You need to obtain highly relevant backlinks from high quality websites to boost your rankings down the engines.

Generally speaking, to obtain organic traffic you need a combination of:

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • High Quality Content.

Hope that helps!

Thanks friends. But the issue is my website traffic was fine and growing but when Google update Penguin 2.1 in this month after that my website traffic highly affected and now I am trying to keep it in track but, it’s look like no technique is working now. So, please help me that how can i regain my website traffic from Organic search.

Please help me after Penguin penalize website. You can check my website <snip>.

Sorry, I’ve removed the link to your site.

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You can request general advice and information in this forum, but not an SEO review of a specific site. :slight_smile:

You should remove your unnatural backlinks so first make a list of unnecessary backlinks and upload. text file in google webmaster tool and disavow them so it will take time to get back your ranking up. I will give you one suggestion do quality work write good content for your website and keep updated your website so it will benefit for you.

Thanks alexloxton.I have already check backlinks of my website. I found only that that backlinks problematic which are now not working or their domain is for purchase. Is, these backlink domains are affect seo of website?

Very useful post, and given in a nutshell! thanks.

Further, I would like to add that after recent Google updates, ecom or infoecomm sites have taken a big hit. It may be that Google is simply expecting those sites to subscribe for Adwords. Though these sites are still getting some organic search traffic, it is getting down after each update. Highly recommend this:

Step 8: Open social accounts for your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The more social accounts you open, the better.

Engage visitors, and have try to make them participate in your social network for value added services. It may be difficult to use all social networks, but have atleast one network such as FB/Google+ so that users can interact with you as and when they want.

Anandsoft, thanks but we already have accounts on these social networks. Please tell me, if you think we need any other thing to do.

You need to focus on search engine optimization, social media activities, high quality content as well as your website design.


I am not so sure if you are going to like this or not but here you go:

“Recovering from a penalty and fixing it is way much harder and takes far much longer than starting over with a new site”.

I am the CEO of a top SEO agency and frankly we never work on recovering sites as that is a pure headache. Even if you removed the bad backlinks, you would never know for sure if Google released the flag or not. More to this is that Google always keep tracks of what sites got penalized in the past. Take this as a golden rule from me, one hit is more than enough to quit using your domain name. Try a bit removing some links if you like using the disavow tool but keep in mind that this tool is just for “gracing” rather than “curing”.

If you have control over your tier #1 backlinks, then that might be a good shot as well to remove them and try again. But seriously, an easy solution that will save you lots of time and efforts is to start over - you lose your traffic anyway.

How to Recover then?

  1. Backup your website.
  2. Move everything to a new domain.
  3. Start over in a freshly new domain that is surely not flagged out!

Hope that helps!

We have to focus on the on page as well as off page optimization, using Keywords analysis, back linking and link building. In on page optimization we should use all tags and in the off page optimization we should focus on the social media like Facebook, twitter etc. In this way we can get organic traffic for our websites.

I agree with Kronomia, these 10 tips are really great to get organic traffic. High unique quality content with article submission to social bookmarking sites and articlebookmarker sites are great way to get organic traffic.

To boost your traffic from E-commerce, follow simple steps:
Products should be near home page
Title tags should be effective
Use of Google Ad Words keyword tool to find the right phrases
Offer free resources
Start a blog
Write articles
Social media
Create links within your product descriptions
Use H1 and H2 tags.
Monitor your progress with Google Analytics

Thanks friends. But Still website is not working good.

what Kronomia said was absolutely correct but you have to go submissions like directory submissions, forum posting and social bookmarking

are you use social media or forum to promote your e-commerce site ?? my sisters sell baby tools and etc, she is just using a fans page on facebook, twitter, and youtube to promote her site. (e.g : for more visit : www[dot]yourdomain[dot]com)

These steps really help
but I do not know why, the facebook fan page didn’t bring that much traffic…

Well if you suspect that your site got hit by penguin, you might want to clean first the link profile before proceeding to link building/promotions.

Optimizing an ecommerce website should not focus on one page only since the main goal is to drive traffic that could possibly convert into sales. Find keywords that are relevant to every category of your site. Make sure to find resources that are relevant to every product page of your site. Mostly there are directories, or platforms that accept solely ecommerce pages. Press Release for product reviews can be a good option but make sure that you are using a good PR services if you want your campaign to run smoothly.