How to increase traffic on my blog

first check the current trends and write something new which were not written before because old topic is not interesting for readers to read

i open this thread, i think you want to share about how to increase traffic

but my ideas is you must be read all strategy and action
do it everyday
you must be get more traffic

update regularly, make unique content, promote your posts on social networking sites :slight_smile:

Guys, I have lot’s of Techniques and i applied all of them
Forums Posting
Social book Marking
PPC Campaign
I had used for my PPC Campaign, Its really good and work for me in better way

You can get it

The best way to get traffic is too build a list that way you can send a email out and you will have target traffic. Make sure you updating your blog daily, social bookmark your blog then you want to ping each post, after that you want to directory summit and then build ongoing links…

Social bookmarking will surely help in getting good traffic for your blog. Blog commenting, Forum posting and Article submission will also help.

try using to your new blogs

Well, you can start by having great content to attract your readers. You can also link one article to another related one to keep visitors within your blog.

to reduce the bounce rate of your blog you need to write good content so that visitors will stay longer in your blog. And update your blog regularly so that readers will go to other pages of your blog in that way also will increase their time in staying on your blog.

Aside from good content, update regularly, do also linkbuilding such as socialbookmarking, forum posting and blog commenting, I think it can help interms of traffic and search engine visibility.

write something Sizzling… like what is the trend, you have to research on it throughly & try to use the keywords which are rated well on search engines… this would work for you.

First of all regular updation of the content is very necessary and then try to do social bookmarking as well as social networking.It will definitely helps you to improve the traffic on the blog.

Write good content for your targeted audience; update your website regularly; submit guest posts at other blogs; participate at social networking sites. It takes time and work, but consistency is key. Good luck. :slight_smile:

You can make your blog looks more beautiful , or submit some hight quality articles or make your articles feel special.

Talk about what you good at with.

There are lots of ways for getting traffic -

  1. Social book marking
  2. Squidoo lenses and hub pages
  3. QA sites and social media sites
  4. Working on good news sites.

Oh ya don’t forget to becoming a guest blogging, It will help you to get more traffic and build your credibility on your market

Good content will lower your bounce rate. Link building will increase web site awareness and traffic. Continuously update your blog as well. I update 5-6 times per week with key word terms.

and if you have ton of traffics you can sell banners ad on your blog.

But be sure to populate your blog just a little before you go all commercial. If your blog is filled up with flashy banners from the beginning, people won’t return. :slight_smile: