How to get article and blog indexed in Google?


I have some article and blog post posted more then one month ago but still waiting get those article indexed in Google. I have tried to submit those article and blog post to Twitter , Digg , Stumbleupon , reddit and delicious etc. But still looking then to get indexed. I have article in ideamaker , jimdo and in article blast etc. Can anyone help me how can i get those article and blog indexed ?

  • Use popular online forums
  • Use site evaluation tools
  • Use other (popular) blogs
  • Include, Submit blog’s feed to Rss Feed Aggregators like Syndic8 and FeedAdage, insert Google Analytics code in your blog.
  • Login at live webmaster tools and verify your blog
  • Acquire some new (relevant) Inbound Links from authority sites
  • Use rigorous blog commenting and guest posting to popularize your blog
  • Contribute in related communities and social networking sites
  • Ping the search engines
  • Generate RSS feed
  • Identify niche related forums and start talking about (and posting signatures) on those forums.

You are already doing more than enough. It should have been indexed already and if it has not, the quality of the content would be questionable. Google has been giving trouble to the sites having quality issues with the content. Even very old sites has been recently hit by their Panda. Normally, if i post a content to any blog, it get indexed within a day or two. I don’t think it should take more than that and if it is, i hope your blogs has not been sand boxed by Google.

Set up a Google Webmaster Tools account and submit your URL.

This is unlikely to be true, even if the site has been ‘sandboxed’ it would have appeared first and then vanished.

You should make those articles reachable to people by sharing them on social networking sites, this way they will be indexed more quickly

your article should be original, informative and offcourse relevant to your website. and submit them on:

  • popular online forums
  • popular online Blogs
  • Contribute in related communities and social networking sites
  • Apart of this,Contribute in related communities and social networking sites and genrate RSS feed

It seems that you have done beyond your limit. I would say create a RSS of those links and submit it to various RSS sites. It will be crawled soon.

my dear you should focus on the stuff that really matter to you site. While submitting your articles.Your article should have well written and it has author box . I think you know it. But you should put your article in proper category and don’t use anchor tags in the body. some articles may take link in body. Read the similar articles in the sites that will help you a lot to categorie and analyze. Have a list of those articles that easily approved. Same is the case of blog.

Create a unique articles and check the title of your article to Google if it is really a unique title, so that your article will be more eligible and it has a greater chance to get indexed by Google.

As you said you are already bookmarking the articles and blogs, they would be indexed soon if you have the articles are unique with compelling content for the visitors. Also take care of ‘English’.

Here I’m going to share one point, about how to get indexing quick.

  1. Write a unique article with quality content.
  2. After posted your article share in top social networking sites.
  3. share your website in digg. stumbleupon, etc., top social bookmarking sites. then you need to get for that link more no of votes. once your website will appear in home pages your link will indexed in very shortly.

Google automatically indexed your articles and blogs. If you still want to make sure, Ping it.

One month old still didn’t get indexed? Here are you may need to re-check.

  • How about quality of your articles? Keyword density, and such the other on-page aspect? Perfectly article (on-page) will faster to get indexed and getting traffic a reader.
  • Have you had made some quality backlinks for them other than social bookmarking and article submission? Try to create more quality backlinks for each articles after you have posted. It’s can highly help to get indexed quickly.

Pinging your article is the best option to get it indexed faster. Otherwise share it on social media channels so as to increase the chances that people like it and share it which increases it’s chances of getting indexed faster.

Content is the king. Write unique article content and post it on High PR websites to get article and blog index in Google shortly.

There may be some reasons behind it. If google panda finds any duplicate contents there may be a chance of ignoring such contents and google won’t indexed them. So keep checking your articles if there is any duplicated content which may be even a single paragraph. Secondly you may have indulged in keyword stuffing and so on…