How to generate url have partid based on part name written on text input using angular 7?


How to generate URL have partid based on part name on text input ?

I have input text write on it part name as following :

<div class="autocomplete" style=" float:left;">

<ng-template #itemTemplate let-item>
<a [innerHTML]="" > </a>
<ng-template #notFoundTemplate let-notFound>
<div [innerHTML]="notFound"></div>

<button id="btnautoSearch"><i class="la la-search m-0"></i></button>

I need when write on text input Transistor part then I will search on list parts and get partid =6 of part name Transistor then display it in URL as following :

And I can access to Overview Component


export class NavBarComponent implements OnInit {
keyword = 'name';
part = new FormControl('Air');
public parts = [

id: 1,
name: 'hummer',
id: 2,
name: 'ball',
id: 5,
name: 'Air',
id: 6,
name: 'Transistor',

ngOnInit() {



onChangeSearch(search: string) 


app-routing.module.ts represent routing as following :

const routes: Routes = [

{ path: 'overview', component: OverviewComponent },
{ path: '' , redirectTo: '/overview', pathMatch: 'full'}

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