How to flag Disqus posts?

As I was taught in another thread “It is best to flag a post and get moderator attention on it, if you think there is an issue with a post or post/thread activity, instead of asking in the thread”, I just noticed, there is no way to flag Disqus posts. Is that something not available in Disqus? If not, what to do with Disqus posts I want to flag?


Next to the big “reply” button at the bottom of the post are four other icons, one of which is a flag. Use that :smile:

Thanks, but I am talking about Disqus (for the discussions under the Sitepoint articles), not Discourse (which is what the Sitepoint forums are on). :wink:


There are small flag icon shown in the top right corner of the comment when you hover on it


Geez, sometimes I think I am as blind as a bat. :blush: Thanks!


:sigh: I’d be dangerous if I had a brain…

Disqus is the software used for commenting on articles on the main site. The OP is asking how to flag a comment to bring it to the attention of moderators, as he would do here on the forum.

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