New Articles are using Disqus?

And why are the new articles using Disqus?


Hey Scott, we’ve switched back to Disqus for two reasons: we’re waiting on some Discourse updates that would make commenting inline, and to allow for engagement of Disqus users. The moderation team here are still posting the articles on the forums, so you can view articles either on or on the Forums.

Hopefully this is a very short term situation, because it is terrible for the community, as a whole.


Always so doom and gloom :wink: sometimes these things happen; we’re really looking forward to the Discourse team working a fix as that would be ideal for us.

The change is causing discussions to be split up. That is simply not good.

What was wrong with the old way, until the fix comes? What was or is broken? I don’t get why “the Discourse team”, which is a bunch of volunteers btw, is constantly held accountable for the quality of service here. Yes, I am being picky, but I really feel the situations that arise like this, or the recent annoying bug with posting, end up hurting Sitepoint’s standing.

Doom and gloom? Not really. I just take the community (and any other online community I am a part of) very seriously. Is it not an important, if not integral, part of Sitepoint’s success?


In my eyes…no. Not even close. I don’t come here because of Sitepoints article commenting system.

?? No, they are paid. Jeff, Sam, Robin, Neil, and I’m missing one or two… are all paid employees. I’m not sure what our SLA is with the Discourse Team since we are a hosted customer with them, but there is an agreement of some sort (I’m sure).

Yes, there are a lot of volunteers that help out over at Meta (myself included), but they do have a paid team who oversees Discourse as a whole, it very much is a commercial company (just still in its startup stage).

The community is what I was referring to, not the commenting system.

Right. Sorry. Completely forgot this forum is a paid service. Then I guess the issues look bad for Discourse.


They do. But then, this is a step thinking in the long term and Discourse is still a startup. Hopefully we will get it to work the way we want it to work some day

Again, too many assumptions. The 502 errors, yes. The server downtime, yes. The commenting being moved, maybe? It all depends on that SLA agreement :wink:

Well, probably I should have been more specific

@s_molinari As far as I know, discourse never promised SP integration with SP article commenting system. And I don’t think that they promise to anyone else. So really, this is not a Discourse issue

It is more a SP issue trying to tie everything together in the best way possible.

In this case, it could look as Discourse’s fault but while they do need to do improvements, the comment system is more SP experimenting with integration. I’m sure that SP will ask for Discourse help when needed.

So, yes, for someone here, seeing all these faults and changes, it may look like bad for Discourse and it is easy to blame them. In reality, nobody is to blame. The integration was possible but it was too complicated. Time to look for another way.

I really appreciate the openness and discussion on this. The fact I have to use two different accounts to participate in the SP community and with two different usernames is suboptimal. My efforts aren’t “bundled”. The old way with the Discourse comments showing, but the posting only possible in the forum wasn’t the best solution, but it is way better than having Disqus for the comments. Also, at least there is Markdown in the forum for text formatting. Disqus has nothing.

Maybe you could get Discourse to add SSO through Disqus, to help those users log in/ register to the forum faster?


Ha! I said the same thing when I heard of the change coming. :smile: Great minds think alike and all that jazz :smile:

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What implications could that make regarding Disqus tracking of those SPF users?

Good Question.

Shouldn’t be any. The most Disqus would know is that they authenticated user X for website Y. Nothing else is shared between the service and the implementation on Discourse.

Still OT
That’s ok, but then Disqus at least knows the nick and where it is used?

They know the Disqus nick you use, I believe any SSO implementation would result in the Username and Password you have with Disqus, the only commonality between the two sites would have to be your email address (so Discourse can associate the account) – I think technically you could use a different username in Discourse, but the email address must remain equal.

The solution would also be temporary of course.

Thanks for info and the swift answers!

Not a problem. I think the idea behind it is good. I don’t see a lot of trouble with it. As Facebook, Google, Twitter all behave the same way. So long as your email address matches the service you used to login, you can use that service to authenticate your Discourse account. But that is the only thing that must match.

The third party service will only know that Website X is asking you to confirm who they are, that confirmation is passed back to Discourse to either 1) create your account, or 2) authenticate you.

This solution wouldn’t have to be temporary. We already provide it for Facebook, Twitter, and Google, adding Disqus just makes the signup/login process easier for those who already have Disqus accounts.

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But the use of Disqus for article comments isn’t ment to be permanent. If I got it right?

Then what are you waiting for. :smile: