We were on Disqus . . . and now we're on Discourse? wtf?

I’m here asking Sitepoint how to (( e x p a n d )) all of the posts in a thread so I’m not throttled by position mouse, click, position mouse, cli~ and had to check to make sure I wasn’t losing it (actually, I lost it years ago so let’s leave that out of it lol). I got so excited that we might finally be banishing Markdown — The Evil Forum Format that will not be satisfied until we are all writing in Cuneiform — until I found the Sitepoint Article “Goodbye Disqus Hello ~”. Personally, I would have left out the o.

How do I expand all posts (and permanently in my user settings).


Got a screen capture?

AFAIK all posts should be expanded unless you deliberately go to a topic and choose “summary” or filter by member.
The only thing I can think of is that for posts that reply to a post, the posts that replied are not auto-expanded so as to reduce “noise”

And because it duplicates content found later in the thread, so as you read the entire thread you’ll get a major “deja vu” feeling :smile:

Is that what you are referring to @semicolon?

I think what semicolon means is the perpetual scroll (threads greater than x number of posts don’t display all the posts, right away; you get more as you scroll down.)

Or, I could be completely off base.


PS Personally, I much prefer Discourse to Disqus.

Nope, doesn’t work. I found that out long ago… :rage:

You are going to need to be more specific. What doesn’t work? The summary option, filter by member, replies drop down or a screen capture?

If you try and do a screen capture to capture every post in a thread it doesn’t work. Period.

It will only capture a predetermined amount (e.g. 20 posts on current view), but if the thread has 100 posts, there is no way to capture everything which sucks for people like me that like to archive useful threads for later reference… :wink:

Ah, in that case you want to visit the topic with JavaScript turned off.

That doesn’t work…


Go test it and see.

I have a thread bookmarked with 133 posts. When I turned off JavaScript and went to save it as a PDF there were like only 15 posts shown.

If you have it bookmarked, does that not serve its purpose? It is true that the non-JS version does paging (so search-engines have a better idea where in the infinite scroll the post resides)

Until SitePoint takes down the thread…

Or until I don’t have Internet access and/or want to access it locally…

Another example of how JavaScript makes people stupid… :smirk:

They close threads. They do not delete. They do not take down threads.

If that’s ACTUALLY an issue, then you would download the page to save locally if you actually need to access the information, away from the Internet, that badly. Otherwise, it’s your fault for not having access to the page.

Not quite.

Won’t happen.

Could happen… just get back into range.

Has nothing to do with JavaScript (as with JavaScript disabled, you still have a slight problem… but I wouldn’t call paging to be a problem, that should be expected – what if you accidentally try to print the 4 letter word game?).


It has happened. I’ve seen it happen.

People love to argue on SP.

No clue what the 4-letter word game is.

Also not sure why people are so insistent in telling users what they want.

For me, I want a thread on ONE page. Period.

And I want the ability to PDF or screen capture a page on ONE page that is the SAME format as on my monitor. From 1995 until maybe 2010 that is how all decent website worked, then some j-ass decided the mobile metaphor was the ONLY way to do things and thousands of years of how people READ CONTENT went out the window…

I give up, but agree with the OP!

Surely you don’t mean spam threads, do you?

I’m literally on these forums every waking moment (I wish this was an exaggeration), and no threads disappear. I honestly think it’s impossible for me to miss a post, or not see a post within 5 minutes. So I have my doubts.

Some threads do get unlisted, since the moderators need to talk to the OP; perhaps clarify their post, or something. Usually it’s a spam post from the beginning so it never gets listed back again to the public. NOONE wants to see those threads.

Genuine threads? Yeah, they never leave.

Oh the irony.

Note there are almost 4k posts. That’s a lot to print.

That is unrealistic. Can you imagine how long the page load may be to render 133 posts and all of its assets? Plus why should we ignore how things have progressed in the technological space? We aren’t in the 90’s anymore. Phones, tablets and many other gadgets now exist. Surely they deserve to be served content too?

I’m still uncertain what the OP is talking about. However, I fairly certain they are not talking about printing pages.

On at least one occasion - recently too - I was Googling whatever topic and found SitePoint listed and when I clicked on it it said the thread/webpage was no longer there - but there was still some sort of SitePoint template there, so I have seen it happen.

Regardless, to argue, “You don’t need to save stuff because it will always be there” is one of the most naive things I have ever heard! :wink:

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You should report these things. We really don’t remove things. Chances are it was a bad redirect. The only exceptions to the rule are when the OP requests it due to sensitive data existing (even then we try to edit the data out instead of removing the topic) or the topic goes against the forum rules.