How to find social bookmarking sites?

I searched through Google as well but I could not find the answer, so please help.

Question-1. How many social bookmarking sites are there on the WORLD WIDE WEB ?

Question - 2. How to find these social bookmarking sites ? Please don’t tell me to go to vmoptions or or socialmaximizer I have already finished these sites. Seriously I want to know that how can I find all the social bookmarking sites which are available on the WORLD WIDE WEB ?

Please also mention any secret or your personal way by which you find SBM sites ? :wink:

Try this website hope it will be useful for you…

Hi, there are unlimited Social Bookmarking sites.
If you want social bookmarking sites then I am giving you some websites which have a lot of SB Sites

  1. VM OPtions
  2. Social Maximizer

[FONT=verdana]You might get a better answer if you tell us why you want to find social bookmarking sites? What is your overall objective? If we understood that, we might be able to help you reach that objective?


How to find Social Bookmarking bunch of sites within seconds. Please follow me with trunk trick.

Please just put this command in google, you will see number of excel sheet which one is better please select one and keep continues Thanks
filetype:xls + Social Bookmarking

Sir I need these sites for link building for my website for which I have been working for a very long time. Please enlightened me with your knowledge.

Thank you John amazing information you gave. Please also suggest some of the other search terms which can be used by me.

Make sure you don’t exceed a limit. Social bookmarking is good for projects but after 300-400 bookmarks i will suggest you to look for some other activity for sake of diversification.

How many men should work for a single website ?

Sure Raj, Thanks!! Please Keep in touch will give you more ticks

For finding Social Bookmarking Sites just search it on Google… Otherwise there are some sites such as:
1.) VMoptions web directory.

Go and Find google high PR Social bookmarking free site list…

Sites like vmoptions, keep on updating their list on regular basis, so you can check there for new sites and moreover if you are done with all the sites then you can start targeting inner pages of the website. for eg- on the same list of websites.Got it Rajkumar12 ?