Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites


Could someone please help me with a list of high PR DO Follow social bookmarking sites?

Thanks in advance.

Wow all are great sites, yes delecious are nofollow and add this bookmarking site also …Very good bookmarking site, I got lot of traffic from this site.


Hmm. Nice listing. I was going to add some of those. But here’s a list from Search Engine Journal.

Here is the link which include both do follow and no follow SBM sites…hope u’ll like it

Well done dear. Very nice post, thanks for sharing great information. Here is another nice dofollow social bookmarking site:

  1. Folkd [V] (7)
    2. Oneview (German) (7)
    3. Spurl (6)
    4. Feedmarker (6)
    5. LinkaGoGo (5)
    6. SpotBack (5)
    7. Connectedy (5)
    8. Blinklist [V] (5)
    9. MyLinkVault (4)
  2. A1 Webmarks (4)
  3. OYAX (4)
  4. Pixelmo [V] (4)
  5. TeDigo (2)
  6. MyPIP (3)
  7. SyncOne (3)
  8. Yattle (3)
  9. Memfrag (3)
  10. Ziki [V] (1)
  11. i89 (0)
  12. Chipmark (0)

Nice list. I have been having trouble finding a list like this myself. Alot of unfamiliar sounding social sites here but worth checking out if you can get a dofollow link there.

Good list…I haven’t heard about some of the sites listed above, :confused:
Here’s another list, it may help you:

great list thanks for sharing also add

Here’s a few more sites:

the list is nice for me .dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites,i am ready to join Social Bookmarking Sites.

better you can search it on google. “list of social book marking sites” it will provide more list.

List of DoFollow Article Submission Sites

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[URL=“”]Idea Marketers

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UnArchived Articles

Great contribution, I know of Folkd but many of the other ones are new territory for me. I appreciate the help on this subject as the social bookmarking and networking landscape continues to grow.

Thanks for sharing do follow SB sites.

why do follow websites is so hot???

^ Because search engine will index those link in a do follow website. (pr3)

If you go to socialmarker dot com and just check “do follow”. It will show you the list of do follow social bookmarking sites.

Nice list indeed. I have a few collections on my own but a lot on your list are not on mine so I guess I have to thank you as well. Thanks.

I will just update the PR on the sites I have and I’ll share it here as well.