Best social bookmarking sites today?


I used to submit to about 150 social bookmarking sites because I think they are good in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to index my new pages/blogs. Today, I only have about 40 social bookmarking sites left to submit my new pages and blog. They closed my account after a few months.

So, I like to know about best 10 or 20 social bookmarking sites. I really don’t want to invest my time on the social bookmarking sites that will close my account and all my sites/blogs in the future.

Can anyone please tell me the best 10 or 20 social bookmarking sites that you can trust to submit your sites/blogs?

Thanks very much!

facebook and twitter are ~not~ social bookmarking sites

please try to keep up

3.Mister Wong.

Facebook and Twiiter is still the best:)

what is the list for dofollow social bookmark sites?


I always do social bookmark on dofollow social bookmark sites only rather than nofollow ones some of sarkarkumar09 social bookmark suggestion is nofollow

You have got to remember that social bookmarking sites are better for straight traffic than backlinks. Use them to get traffic first and your backlinks might come off of them.

Just social bookmark in “Do Follow” websites its really useful to our site than I consider only do follow after I consider no follow social bookmarking websites.

Jenny, there’s a reason why they closed your account. If you took the time to read their terms of service agreement you are likely in direct violation of their policies by using their site to spam your stuff. Whether you like it or not, polluting your URL’s on someone else’s property unjustly is spam (simple as that). The whole point of social bookmarking is to allow individuals who genuinely LIKE a website to add it to their list (in the same way that they would add it to their bookmarks in their browser). If you want social bookmarking to work you need to be providing mechanisms for your visitors to add your site to THEIR lists, not simply hammering each and every URL you own into an account which no-one is going to give a poop about. All you’re doing is damaging your own reputation. :slight_smile:

I can tell you right now that any that will allow you to spam your stuff will not be worth posting on because their “rank” will be worthless.

I use following social bookmarking sites:
Delicious, digg, diigo, folkd, reddit, mister-wong, stumbleupon, blinklist, a1webmark

That’s a bummer, why did they do that? mix. three of these i use often

Well said mate… I completely agree with you… I always get clients asking me if I am into Social Bookmarking and Social Networking. I say yes. Than they ask me the number of Social Bookmarking Sites I would submit my site too and that becomes a turnoff. I mean numbers are not important.

Anyways if they insist I just outsource this to a freelancer who just does social bookmark submissions.

mr wong… ziiki, link vault, diigo, folk’d




Google buzz













Nowadays Social Bookmarking sites is very key to SEO If you maintain your 20 to 30 bookmarking sites and bookmark regularly u got good result
here is some bookmarking sites dont try to bookmark only in dofollow coz its only give u link not traffice so try to bookmark in some popular sites like

Google Buzz
Reddit Ect…

Here are some social bookmarking sites that can help you. twitter, digg, Yahoo! Buzz, reddit, StumbleUpon, delicious, tweetmeme, mixx, FARK, Slashdot, friendfeed, clipmarks, newsvine, diigo, Propeller.

Here you go… High PR Social bookmarking Sites…


Well said Alex.

I go with reneearmstrong19’s and adidevpromo’s lists. Good luck submitting!

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