How to embed .flv file in webpage?

How can I embed .flv file in my webpage???

You can use to stream flv videos.

Can you please give me the code to use in my webpage.

Well they have very good documentation, check this page:

First you need to include the js library:

Then setup player container:


And finally, initialize the flowplayer:

<script language="JavaScript"> 
flowplayer("player", "path/to/the/flowplayer-3.1.5.swf"); 

I am trying out the player, in the list of supported formats it has mp4 which kind of worked but without sound. I converted my mp4 file into swf but the quality was awful. So I am going to convert my mp4 into flv and see how that works.

From a user standpoint, I prefer JW Player over flowplayer, you might want to check that one out as well.