Flash video player

Is there some kind of free software out there where I can take a source video file, and combine it with a flash video player, say flowplayer. I have a website I am going to setup for a friend, and I am having trouble playing flv files. I use eyeos, and its flash video player is still a little shaky. I wold like to have the video combined into ONE swf file with the player, so that the user just clicks it, and plays. I already have videos that are just swf files, but there is no video controls. Please, any suggestions will help.

Hi jkilgo, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

I think you have answered your own question. I was going to suggest Flowplayer. That’s a nice solution. Is there a reason you are asking for something else? Did you have a problem with flowplayer?

Flash video player plays FLV videos. I suggest you convert your SWF video to FLV and then embed it to flowplayer.

I am new to flash, I am really just an end user, but I need to use it for videos. It turns out, that when migrating to the server webhost, the file paths got conflicted. I re-uploaded a video, and it seemed to work. However, if there is any way i can combine a video with a player in one swf file, it would be much appreciated.

I am having trouble with flowplayer in eyeos. It loads the video on my local test server, then on a real server, it cannot find the specified stream. What works, is when I create a video as a swf file, the browser just takes care of it, and plays it with the adobe flash plugin. What I was wondering was, if there was anyway to combine the video with a player, into one swf file. No javascript, no html, just a plain old swf file that could be a player and video in one.