OK, I have an flv file

I used the FF plugin “Downloadhelper” to rip a Youtube vid to an flv file onto my hard-drive (this is an old public-domain video) I want to host this video myself on my website… I do not want to embed from Youtube,

What do I need to do next with this flv file?

Years ago I converted some mpegs to flash web-embedded video, using the Adobe Flash CS3 software and looking at my previous attempts, it looks like I had both swf and flv and fla files in the directory.

Do I convert this flv file to swf? Or add an swf or fla file to make it embeddable in a webpage? Or what? Thanks

there are a couple of things that you could do. but please not that you can do most of the same things using a chromeless youtube player and you wouldn’t have to worry about YouTube’s policies against ripping videos (if they apply)

1 - there are video player components in flash that can load FLV’s into them
2 - there are a ton of 3rd party players that you can throw a custom skin over - JW Player is a good one
3 - use the YouTube chromeless player and throw a skin over it.