How to earn from website?

Hello all.

I’ve a curiosity to know, how exactly we can earn from our sites ?

I know some answers as from Ads or sponsorship.

But then how sites like twitter which don’t offer ads are earning ?

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I really dont know about twitter but do have a huge sponsorship list as far internet is telling.

Twitter do not make money now but all these social networking websites have solid monetization plans for long term.

Initially Facebook do not make money but now Facebook is billion dollar company.

I’m sure soon twitter will start ads similar to facebook.

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There are a lot of ways to make money online, more than what people think. You have CPA (cost per action) marketing which can become a HUGE income stream, there is affiliate marketing, adsense and those are just to name a few. Huge money in all of these areas though. Twitter, though they don’t have any ads have multi-million dollar deals with huge corporations and bring in revenue from other places I’m sure. They’re don’t have advertisements yet which is dumb in my eye, but I"m sure it’s only a matter of time.


Thanx for the clarification.

Now as far as I can see, no site can earn from it’s large user base until and unless the site owner serves some ads on the site ?

It means if facebook too wont serve ad, then too it can’t earn, means there is no other way to earn, from large user base sites ?

You can, membership websites earn money.

Few ways to monetize valuable websites/community websites

  1. Membership
  2. Review other products (paid review)
  3. Create your own products and sell them

If you have more questions feel free to ask…


im not sure how you earn in twitter…

I accept my mistake… thanks mate for updating me.

Twitter do serve ads now, as do Facebook, but Facebook is not very profitable and Twitter still makes a loss. They’re worth a lot on paper because they have huge potential.

There are sites that you can sign up to tweet sponsored tweets and get a a small fee from. It seems there are new twitter monetization plans coming out all the time. Another option is to use and place affiliate links in a tweet. (Although be careful there with FTC disclosure quidelines. Usually sponsored tweets are distinguishable with the hashtag #spons)

Thanks Trsaso, i’ve never discovered that’s how does twitter make money
but i think even there’s ad page as Trsaso post, but seldom people know that
there’s no ads on every user page like facebook or other sites.
so i think twitter is mainly earn from Membership and Sponsor, not from ads

Now, its interesting to see. Twitter has also started the ads.

Thanx for your valuable posts guys.

One of my customer was asking me, how to make money, then I told him about the various ways of making money. He first listen me carefully, but at last he said me that, he has heard somewhere that the hosting platform gives the site owner money as per the userbase and popularity, then given me examples of twitter and facebook, and said me that see, these two sites don’t provide any ads, but still they are such a huge company(At that time both were not serving any ad and in news their worth was showing a whopping one). Hence I got confused about my own knowledge.

Tried searching for any such affiliations where hoster was giving money. lol funny though, but it annoyed me too much.

Now I’m fully clear in my understanding that without monetization on the site-owner’s part, there is non other way to earn money.

I used to run Google Adsense ads on my site until last month but decided to drop them completely. Most of the ads were for crappy products I would never recommend buying in the first place. So I now fund the site completely from donations, nothing to live off of, but it brings in at least $100 bucks a month. Free food the way I look at it :slight_smile:

My view is that you gotta create something that people want and cannot find elsewhere and they’ll happily contribute to your cause…

you need targeted traffic. Perhaps the visitors landing on your site aren’t visitors who would be interested in the ads. Google ads read your webpage to display the relevant ads. Be sure to use good keywording.

Kenetix - the ads were probably as targeted as possible without making my site “annoying” - not crazy high ecpm rates, but it was over two bucks. But the reason I dropped them had to do with the message I am trying to send with the site. The site is devoted to traditional cooking, cooking without any fancy gadgets and similar things that advertisers like to sell. I am happy with my decision, but hey, everyone has different goals. You gotta do whatever works for you. Donations are just one other venue to consider…

Twitter makes money from promotion everytime you hear their name on TV they make X amount of money; it has been said they make $43 million alone just from promotion.

If you want to earn cash from the web site you can sue follow method from the given below.

  1. Create your own blog or site and you can promote any ads, make it commercial for promoting.

  2. Their are so many affiliates program are available in the market. you can select any of one program and start working in the web site.(Most of the affiliates program are paid, please select a after proper analysis)

  3. If are a trader you can also sell your product in the web site. it help you to cut down the commission of broker and dealer. and you can directly sell this to the consumer.

  4. You Can also become a moderator of a forum or blogs. many web site gives money for posting an article in their site.

Blending AdSense ads with the content is a way to make money from a website. In reality it’s not; it’s just a way to make more money by improving your ad click-through rate. The real monetization method behind it is a PPC ad network.

Domain Flipping is another great way of earning money. You can earn money online by purchasing and reselling domain names. Although this is not an easy task :slight_smile:

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