How to Create a New sub domain and what is the benefit of sub-domain?

I want to create a subdomain of my website.

can anyone recommend me how to create?

Why do you want to create a sub-domain?

It seems a strange question to ask, especially as you seem unclear about the “benefits”.


As for the how: there should be an option in the user panel of your web host


The benefit is whatever you decide to use it for. If you do not know what the benefit is then you do not need it.

Domain names consist of a TLD (such as com, org, net) and a registered name. Originally the portion (frequently called the sub-domain) preceding domain names was a separate computer. It can be that or whatever you choose. ← Processing node. ← Processing node. ← Data Storage node. ← User access node.
(We had a bit of a naming convention, alright?)

Then someone came along, and said… that URL. Too many words, too many slashes. The computer name thing. That was easier to remember. I’ll have that, thank you very much.

Yes the details of the format of URLs are very complicated. But the articles/stuff/things part of that URL is called the path. It is nearly always a path in the server’s file system.

Log into cPanel and click on ‘Subdomains’
In the dropdown box, choose your main domain.
Enter in what you want your subdomain to be called.
Hit ‘Create’.

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