What is subdomain?

Hi, I want to know about the exact difference between domain and the subdomain.

The domain is www.yourname.com and the sub domain is www.subdomain.youname.com.

A subdomain is like a folder within your directory, but you access it as subdomain.domain.com instead of domain.com/subdomain.

Some hosting allows you to create infinite number of subdomains for the domain you purchased, while on others, you need to purchase individual subdomain at a lower price than the domain.

Subdomains are good if you are using a single hosting to cover different topics, like what they do to http://about.com. I also use this technique to create several websites using a very short domain. hub.ph. Check my sig to see what I mean.

Some hosting companies offer addon domains which is similar to subdomains but you can use a domain name for the url.

Not correct.
Subdomains are domain names. (look through My220x’s definations)
Addon domain names are domain names (diffrent second level domain names) like
domain.com and doamin1.com

you could use google before asking

If you look on my Tips & Scripts page link in my sig you will see an example of how to do subdomains with pointed domains, and do it so the subdomain dirctory does NOT have to be inside the domain direcotry they both can be in htdocs at the same level. I use this approach and it works well, and keeps things nice and organized if you have many pointed domains and many subdomains.

The difference between a domain and a subdomain is. A domain is example.com that’s a domain you register.

Now if you wanted to go for a subdomain then you would get an extension off of someone elses domain. An example would be yoursite.mysites56.com

A subdomain isn’t all that easy to remember.

You can get domains cheap enough at http://dynadot.com or lots of other registrars. I wouldn’t even think of getting a subdomain. What if that domain expires? You have no control over it and then you would loose your domain. It’s not worth it.

If your serious about your website then register yourself a domain so you can have control over it.

One key point to keep in mind is that, unlike domains, subdomains can be created “at will”. For any domain, you can create as many subdomains as you like; you do not have to go to a registrar and pay an annual fee for each of them

Just FYI: Google and any other SE will consider domain name as well as sub domain name as diffrent domain names :wink:

Subdomains are the third level domains that are used to organize your web site content.

Sub domains are extensions of your main site. They look like subdomain.yourdomain.com. Add on domains are self standing domains which are simply located on the same account as your original domain.

Any advices please paste here.

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