How to choose the best keyword?


can anybody help me, How to choose the best keyword?

using some online keyword tool can help… and lurking on other related site can also give some idea…

In short and simple i suggest you Google adwords keyword tools. Its more relevant from any other online keywords tool because its provide you both option.

they provide us country based search number and also global search number. So you can compile keywords as your requirement.

use google keyword tool. search on google “google adwords”

Based on your signature links, I think that you’ll be advanced enough to understand this comprehensive tutorial -

This what I do to find the best keywords:

  1. Go to and find the amount of searches all of your potential keywords get per month in Google.

  2. Select the top 3-5 keywords from above then check the sites that come up in that search already. Is there already some big name competition? If there is than forget that keyword and move on to the next.

if anyone is serious about keyword research, then this recent post might be helpful:

Go for long tailed keywords instead of the most competitive ones. More expensive as adwords and more difficult to rank naturally. Ex: Apartment Rentals vs. Rentals

Based on your signature, " IBP " is a good tool and I use it. But, as another person responded, there is no better “keywords too” than good adwords. I love adwords, but you also must know how to sort out the quality keywords.

There are lot of Keyword Selection tool online. The most common that I use is the SEOBook.Com. It’s a helpful tool for me because it also provide results for long tailed keywords. You can also use Google Insights and Google Trends. This will give you more information on a certain keyword. But if you’re not sure what keyword to use, I suggest to review your site first. Make some site analysis and get familiarize with your site or field of business.

There are lost of keywords tool but use google keyword tool is good.

You can also try Google insights for keywords research. Google Insights is good since it provides a visual representation of regional interest on a map.

There are many tools available for choosing the best keyword.But you should think of your business and think of the keywords which are going to be good for your business.And ofcourse google adwords tool is the best keyword tool to research.

As you seem very keen to have several links to one SEO site in your signature, I would think you are more than capable of determining keywords personally.


thanks all for sharing thoughts, can anybody tell me something more about keyword research and and what factor should be follow to choose a best keyword.

I wrote this on using your exisiting traffic stats to do keyword research but this is a more general way to go about [URL=“”]keyword research. This is a good article on [URL=“”]analysing the competition for search phrases.

You have to chooose most popular and low compete keywords for your website. You can try google adword keyword tool for that

You can use keywords adword tool. They help you to making a good keywords.

for choosing best keyword for your website read your website and then select some important key phrases then choose good keyword suggestion tool see then search volume and competition.

I use google adwords! It really helps find you the best keywords for your site!