How to select the keywords to promote of my new site?

After some days hardworking. i have built our company product sale website.

there are two questions i want to get you tips.

1,what the fastest and cheap way to attract many people and get more traffic in a short should i do when i want to google can index my site page most in a short time?

2,if i want to write some articles to promote the site, how to select the keywords? could you give me some examples of my site. and where i should submit the articles.

many thanks.

Wow, this is great list. I use the google keyword tool to find the keywords for me, i never use the top ones, but medium size ones (and the low ones very naturally anyway.

Also, how many keywords is good? I heard keyword stuffing can make you lose rank, but cannot find one place with definit number of keywords.

Firstly make a list of keywords.
then check the competition and traffic for those keywords.
check for the keyword density.
then select the keywords with high keyword density and low competition.

There are various keywords you can target.

Simplest way is to go to Google and type your main keyword.

You will see related keywords on the bottom.

Put all these keywords on a notepad and then go to Google adwords keywords tool.

You will need to check if your keywords have low or high competition.

There are various keyword research tools available like market samurai, traffic travis.

You also need to check on Google how many sites are competing for a keyword using

intitle: keyword and “keyword”.

hi use Google Adwords Keyword Tools sure its very useful choosing target keywords

Fist make the list of your keywords and check the competition. and also you can use the Google Adwords tools to select the keywords and also there are many tools in the market to select keywords.

First analyze the keyword with Google keyword tool and check competitor analysis for the keyword that you want to develop and promote,nothing more you can fetch your url in the Google fetch bot which is webmaster tools and submit some high page rank book marking and directories for easy and fast crawling.

To index the site :
1)Create a Sitemap
2)Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
3)Install Google Analytics
4)Submit Website URL to Search Engines
5)Create or Update Social Profiles
6)Share Your New Website Link
7)Bookmark It

And you can select your keywords from google Google’s Keyword Tool:).

choose around 10 keywords which define your products, are simple and easy to understand.

Get backlinks that’s the fastest way to get indexed, but getting indexed doesn’t increase your traffic or have any effect whatsoever on your traffic.


  1. First thing you need to do is the competitor analysis. check your competitors then analysis to what keyword they are ranking high. make list of kw like this and put those kws in google kw tool then check the search volume and keyword competition here.

As you site is the fresh new site go with the kws which have less competition and high search volume. optimize the site and do the offpage techs with these kws and then slowly go with the kws which have high competition and so on.

seo is a time taking process. it takes time to get results you cannot get anything in short period if anything you got in short period then there are chances of your site getting penelised. dont use any black hat tech’s.

  1. regarding the article submission use the below sites:

Make sure that you use the unique content…which is the key for seo


To submit the articles you can use free software:


You can - but using automated software to plaster your articles all over the internet is a form of spamming, and not a technique that we advocate here. We work hard to keep spam off our forums, and we don’t encourage discussion of methods to enable spamming elsewhere.[/FONT]

If you want to select a keyword for your website then use Google Keyword Tool which is the best tool for selecting a keywords!! I’ve also used keyword tool for my website <snip> which is games related website!!!

Bro choose only 10 key words that can define your product pretty well and they should be easy to understand as well


Let me clear you one thing that website optimization is neither cheap nor fast. Be real, how it can be? There are millions of sites…
Hire some good SEO agent for your site, have patience. Otherwise you can be penalize by Google.
You want to write article, then make sure its informative and catchy. Inserting keywords in your article is an old technique and one more thing, Google know all these cheesy techniques so they not gonna crawl your article and nor the keywords…

When you choose your first keywords you said to take those that dont have very high competition. when you start have more traffic, do you change the 10 keywords and if yes, do you change the articles themselves or only start new articles with new keywords? thanks

There are many tools that helps to get the best keywords that relates to your industry using Google Adwordsk keyword Tool, Semrush,, google trends, google insight,

Keyword selection is the important matter for a website. which keyword i will take it’s depend on so many things.1. what is the my product. 2. who are the lead generation (age). 3. Geographic area.etc.
For good keyword selection i apply always Google’s Keyword Tool - Google Adwords.
You can see also:[noparse][/noparse]