How to choose keywords for my site

someone please tell me what points should be kept in mind while choosing keywords for a site and what tool should i use

You can just go through Google Analytics and find suitable Keywords from the bunch of keywords proposed by Google.

Keywords plays an important role in SEO, keywords are helpful when they are relevant to your website and promoted well in search engine. You can find good and relevant keywords for your website by using Google Adwords (Keyword Tool).

You have to analyse your website with your competitors site and check which keywords they are targeting. While finding the keywords you should always keep in mind that you are visitor and what keyword will you type for your searches. Find the relevant keywords to your site with high searches and low competition. You can use Google adwords tool for keyword research.

Basically keywords are related to your site and you can take help Google Adwords. you can find best keywords there.

The question was answered very clearly by Stevie D in another thread:

You also need to think like your customer. If you sell something the industry call ‘whatyoumaycallits’ but Joe Public calls them ‘thingymajigs’ then you need to focus on ‘thingymajigs’ as your keyword

hi there, I do website on tourism. what should I choose keywords?

Steps for choosing keywords for the site:

1- Analyse your business
2- Analyse some keywords
3- Research keywords with the help of google adword’s keyword tool
4- Select keywords that has maximum searches but minimum competition.

Initially deeply go through content of you website and choose some niche keywords after that take help from Google Adwords Selection Tool for choosing right keywords for your website

Keywords play a very important role in promoting your business online. The points you have to keep in mind while choosing keywords for your website are:

  • keyword competition: how many websites competing for the same keyword
  • Search volume: Number of users searching for the same keyword
    Managing both the points you have to choose the right keywords which represent your site perfectly and generate leads for it.

You should check the keywords of some business that rank high and maybe tweak them to fit your content.

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