How to check for broken links?

Hi - is there a free program/site which will check for all broken links on all pages of my website?

When I google it, I can find only checkers for one page at a time, e.g. at:

thanks, Val

This will help you.

The Web Developer add on for firefox has all the tools available in 1 drop down.

Thanks, iwebtools is so cool, and in the end used web developer - first time I ever clicked on all those dropdowns in developer :slight_smile:

for those that like pushing buttons :slight_smile:

web developer and Firebug are MUST addons for Firefox. Both of them are very powerful and make life a lot easier when troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

use the website for broken link checker…

You should check all the links by visiting it. Then you know which is broken.

or you can check it by google webmaster tools!

I’ll second Xenu Link Sleuth. The problem with say Google webmasters tools is it only tests your local URLs, not external URLs. If you say have a links section of your website Xenu will help you figure out if any of those sites/urls no longer work. Webmaster Tools also relies on Google’s crawler whereas Xenu is on demand so you can rerun it after you fix your issues.