Broken link checker

Aware there are link checkers, like W3C Link Checker
would anyone like to make a recommendation for an external site that checks for broken links AND respects privacy, etc.

I like Integrity (Integrity - website link checker and xml sitemap generator for mac OSX) for Mac OS X.

Xenu is the best tool to check broken links

You can download Xenu from Find broken links on your site with Xenu’s Link Sleuth ™

Its the one I use whenever I want to check all the links on a site in one go.

Thanks, but i have already downloaded it.

Thank you felgall

I assume this is for both internal and external links, by the video.

If you are only looking for free solutions XENU is probably a good choice

I prefer online backlink check tools, easy and simple. Google backlink check you can get a long list of tools.

Thank your for your information. It’s really helpful for external broken link checks. I downloaded it and worked with best.

There are other online backlink checker tools which delivers the same result like Yahoo Site Explorer (though it is going to be closed by the end of 2011).

W3C is really good tool and I used it several times. :slight_smile:

Yahoo Site Explorer (though it is going to be closed by the end of 2011)
That’s news. Where does this come from?