How to build landing pages that convert

Often webmasters have websites with prominent landing pages. But few conversions occur. Here’s a list to help you out.

Keep It Simple: You have only 3 seconds to capture attention.

Know Your Audience: Knowledge of target audience lets you predict their needs and expectations.

Formatting: Draw attention to the focal point which is your call to action. Use different fonts, colors, formats, etc. But don’t overwhelm.

Forget what you like and what you think: Your page has to work. That’s the only thing that matters. You don’t need to like it.

Match your message: Make sure campaigns, articles, tweets follow and deliver on the same message as the one on your landing page.

Space Usage: Use design to make your page stand out, but not so much that it repels users.

Don’t play hard to get: Give your visitors exactly what they want.

Establish trust: Use testimonials, logos and certifications. Have a prominent privacy policy and provide guarantees that shall be fulfilled.

Few more points about landing pages.
If you are selling a products then your landing page must have some descriptions about the products and benefits so that people can buy of subscriber your page.
if you are organically promoting your landing page then page must contain rich keywords content.

All very good points. There’s no benefit at all in having a site that ranks in the #1 spot on Google if people take one look at it and run away screaming. Or if they can’t figure out what to do next.

A landing page that is targeted at search referrals (ie people finding the site by searching for keywords on Google (as opposed to people searching for your site name on Google)) won’t necessarily be exactly the same as your home page. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. When people search for particular words and phrases, you know more or less what they’re looking for, and if you can get a page that’s appropriately targeted at each of the common words or phrases, you’ll have a much better success rate than if you try to funnel everyone through your home page.