Need help figuring out click conversion problem

I’ve created a new site called Boomallink . Boomallink basically lets you post a need for a product or service and the site will broadcast your need to several businesses/boomalink business users. Businesses then can respond to the listing with details of how they could help supply what they are looking for.

The site is broken down into product tags which are simply product names like “waterproof connectors”. Each time someone searches for a new “tag” we research the vendors and come up with a list.

[B]My problem is… I have an adwords campaign for “waterproof connectors” and if someone clicks on the link, it brings them to this page

I’ve just started the campaign a week ago and have gotten a total of 23 clicks, yet no one has posted a listing.[/B] I have a feeling either a) it’s not obvious what the site is and I get passed over or b) it’s just not a service people will use.

A lot of folks have said that the idea of the site is cool and they would use it so I’m hoping my problem is a).

Any thoughts on how I could change the page that they land on so they are inclined to post?

Thanks for your help in advance,

Your traffic is far too small to draw many conclusions from, even at a high CPC.

The typical website converts at 2-3%, well optimized can hit about twice that and lead generation [no cost to the action] three times as a baseline. This means that with 23 clicks you should have 0 actions.

Now that said, looking at your page I have absolutely no clue what I’m suppose to do. First I see a negative statement about contacting suppliers but I have to really read it to understand what to do next.

As far as the form its self the title is simply confusing… “new listing form for…”. To me this sounds like I could create a listing like the hundreds in the drop down above. There’s strange form fields like “Activation Email” when I’m not activating anything and the form is ugly with some odd editor. Then there’s a whole bunch of images that are uncategorized.

If this is intended to be a lead generation form to get people in contact with suppliers you need to format it as a sales focused page. Basically keep the idea, restart the entire UI.

There’s entire books on landing pages [that you may want to read] but in short…

  1. state a compelling reason to use the page that resonates with the terms so I know I’m at the right place

  2. support that with a few bullets, featured quotes or an image to explain your value and why I should continue on.

  3. sidebar why you’re good versus the other people who do this. what’s your credential

  4. use a well formatted, minimum form field to get the data you need

  5. explain where the data goes, what is private and who will contact me

That’s a really, really simple overview of a landing page and you’ll have to tailor it to your business type but the idea is to be clear, simple and quick. If you have to be an expert in the business to submit, I’m moving on.


Yes after doing some more digging, I can see the traffic is way too low to tell what’s going on.

I appreciate the input on the landing page. It’s hard when you’re the developer and know what you’re trying to do, but to convey that to the user in a matter of a couple of seconds is tough.

Can you recommend any books on landing pages?


Critique is easy to give, much harder to actually implement… But with landing pages there is never perfection so you always keep going.

As far as resources:

MarketingSherpa use to do an annual report on pages which was great

Landing Page Optimization is a nice read

I haven’t read Always Be Testing but Bryan posts great content elsewhere on the web so I’d give it a shot.

More data focused and less about the pages themselves are “Actionable Analytics" and "[URL=“”]Web Analytics in an Hour

Of course what people are looking for has evolved quickly as the web changes. Sometimes just going around and doing some searching and reading a few blog posts is a good start.

great, thanks for the tips and your time responding.


Well, I updated the landing page and hopefully it makes more sense.

If anyone has any thoughts on the new page that would be helpful.


To the OP,

if your clicks aren’t converting, it might mean that your traffic isn’t targetted or that the keywords you are using aren’t buying keywords.

You should always revise if your keywords have a commercial intention and potential. One of the ways to check that is to use the Google Keyword Tool and check the average Adwords CPC price. The higher, the better.