Some pointers for a landing page

Total noob here… I’m looking for some pointers/advice of how to structure a landing page.

(this is not a coding question, but rather a layout/design question)

Any suggested reading or guides on how elements should be structured? For example, in what cases is it better to create menus and navigation bars? What scenarios are better behind login and profiles? etc.

Actually maybe my question is how to decide on a site design.

Hope that’s not too open ended a question :expressionless:


Hi Maxcot. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if that was the real question. :slight_smile:

My take on this is always to look at the content—that is, what the page/site needs to say or present to the visitors. For example, what’s the most important content? How should it best be ordered? Should it be divided into multiple pages? How should it be expressed/worded? Would a demo video/images etc. enhance the message? And so on …

Asking these questions helps to establish an appropriate layout—or a simple wireframe to start with. Try to free yourself from typical design patterns and look at what the content is actually asking for. Once you’ve found a place for everything, you can then style it up appropriately … but your design work is mostly done for you already by having let the content dictate the layout.

Then you also end up with a design that enhances the message of the site and helps visitors find what they need.

That’s my view on it, anyway. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, I’ll have to think about that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Create unique simple and clean design
  • Unique Content related your services/ product
  • Put the the call to action button or inquiry form.

Hi ! Read the articles by searching ‘SEO based web designing’ and also Google Webmaster guidelines, before starting to design a Website. That will give better ideas.

In general, user friendliness, easy navigation, unique-useful content, load time of the site are important. To be precise, design a site by keeping users and their empathy in mind.

When it comes to login design, try to keep up the session out time more. Try to send a quick activation email if in case the user forgets the login details. Provide a secure login session.

Here is a sample layout of a landing page + some tips how to increase conversions.

Brendoo : you share a great stuff about landing page design ,I’m read your info very helpful,