How to build a social networking website?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how to build a social networking website? What kind of knowledge or programming language/subjects do I need to learn to build one? (ie. Perl?) If anyone could give me a hand, I would really appreciate it! Thank you.

This is a question that came along many times already

you will need knowledge on:
programming language
database knowledge
HTML coding
web design
software design

Its probably gonna require expert level of knowledge on all of these. Or you can always hire somebody do these.

Building a social networking website and that too a successful one is quite the feat.
I believe the top 3 exercises to prepare one are:
Knowledge of…

1.) Building and styling a proper, innovative, & professional layout.
2.) Learning how to build a form using php and managing the data.
3.) Learning how to build a site in php that can handle user accounts.

Hope that helps!

Thx for the help guys

joomla open source is very useful site for making the social networking site

there are some software available in the market, may be you can take a peek on them as well.

however unless you have a great idea, its gonna be real hard to make a ground with social sites now.

In order to start developing a Social networking site you have to choose your language. You NEED to have with an organized and consistant structure to your program.

I suggest grabbing a sheet of paper and pencil. Write down how you want the program to work and try and brainstorm ideas and concepts to help you develop the program in rapid succession.

You WILL find yourself using a lot of the CRUD concept. (Create, read, update and delete).

Ruby on rails would be a great idea to quickly develop simple apps for your site.

Some people ask the question: Why is facebook successful?

The answer is really quite simple. It was professional looking, intuitive, and they have an the API extensions that you are able to utilize to access their databases and other users information. Essentially, some websites now use facebook’s user system and APIs to allow other users to log into their website.

thx for all ur input…looks like making a social networking site is going to be tougher than i thought

Well I think for social networking site .Net platform is the best, because .net provides the flexibility in designing the sites. As far as knowledge is concern you can experience with the present scenario e.g.: twitter, face book and my space.

.NET is the best platform? Why is that?? Myspace is built on .NET and it’s crappy. Facebook is built on open source and it’s fine.

Any platform can offer you flexibility if you know how to use it. The best platform is the one you know…

To create a social networking sites , first of all ,you need to have a good team to discuss the technical issues very clearly and make your site something different from others

there are a lot of free and paid script available for easy development of social networking site. Google the term and you will find some good script

there are alot of sources out there, but do look around, i used to create my Social network, it is simple to use and my members find it user friendly. it is very customizable but they do charge you monthly if you want to get an idea of what it might look like just go to you may not want to go with the same theme as me. lol but it might give you a good idea. but good luck on setting up your social network.

It’s not so much the language, but the features, like emailing people for friend requests, groups, tags, blocking, reporting, so many features, that sites like Facebook have a network of programmers behind them

I think drupal+drigg is the best, demo site

I would recommend

L - linux
A - apache
M - mysql
P - php

  1. Setup apache, mysql, and php on linux
  2. Learn php (
  3. Learn mysql (
  4. Do some practices
  5. Get a template or design your own (
  6. Get a domain name and publish your site (

If you have limited knowledge, there are services that provide out-of-the-box social networking software or service:

They include the software, hosting, upgrades, and support.

Good luck!

There are lot of Free Social networking scripts are available today. You can find facebook clone, myspace clone etc etc. Most of the free scripts were developed in Php. So it is better you go to study Php and then get a social networking script then customize it with your needs.

Where could I find a free social networking script?

I want to make a social networking site like

any idea how much it would be cost for me?