Skills needed to build a social networking site

What are the skills needed to build a social networking app for smartphones and it’s related website?
What skills are needed to build an social networking app based on phone numbers just like WhatsApp?

You will be required to learn

. HTML, CSS, javascript, any js framework for frontend.
. Language like PHP or Python in the backend
. Any DB. Most probably MYSQL if you choose RDBMS and Mongo if NoSQL

I don’t mean to sound disparaging, but forget about it! WhatsApp is a multi-billion dollar endeavor, worked on by a team of engineers.

If you are just starting to learn programming (and your question suggests that you are), take some time to learn the basics and then set your sights on a less ambitious project. Learning HTML, CSS and plain JavaScript is a good starting point, then move into the back end with (for example, Node and MongoDB).

If you’re looking for courses, I’d recommend checking out what Wes Bos has to offer. We also have a wide array of learning materials over on SitePoint Premium.


If you want to create your own social media app, follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose the type of your future social media app
Step 2. Know the main reasons for making social network app
Step 3. Build an MVP of social media app
Step 4. Keep up to date with the trends to enhance your social networking app
Step 5: Choose your way to attract users

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