How to build a social networking website?

If you are able to buy a paid script then there are lots of good scripts are available from the internet. All you need to do is just purchase a social networking script and install it on your domain. And if you are not able to modify as per your requirements then hire a developer. And you can easily create your own social networking website. If you are looking for a free script then elgg should be the best for you.

Not sure if there’s free social networking script, but there’s free social networking templates

You can find many open source scrips from Google itself. No need to work hard with these one, you just purchase those scripts and install on your domain.

You can use script like pligg. It’s free and provides almost same features like

You can review demo and feature at

Have you checked out Diaspora?

You can use PHPDug as digg clone scripts. It runs on PHP/MySQL. You can have a demo and screenshots at Kubelabs -

social network software + template + hosting + support + maintenance

linux + apache + mysql + php = social network software

what kind of social networking website you want ? facebook or social bookmark. No need to build, you can buy code online. cost 100 around for facebook code, fre for social bookmark website.

Perhaps the OP wanted something more custom / unique?

Keep in mind the thread is over 6 months old too…

Good point. If the op hasn’t already built it, chances are he has given up on the idea.
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