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What language would I need to create a social media ? I know that I’ll need skills in databases so maybe SQL ? And also I’ll need to create a web page so maybe JavaScript ? But I don’t think these alone may help to create a solid social media.
I’m new in programmation so I don’t know a lot. I’ve been using Python for the last 2 years and a bit of mySQL. I’d like also to ask your help about the steps to follow in order to have a clear idea of what I need to do. I think first I should create a web site for the social media than to link it to a databse.

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Create… a social media.


Yes, you’re going to need a database language of some description. Beyond that… depends entirely on you.

PHP, ASP, Ruby, any language capable of generating a website. HTML Javascript CSS…


Thank you for your answer.
Maybe I should learn both PHP and Ruby in order to benefit from both of them ? Or is it sufficient to learn just one ?
You’ve said at first : “Create… a social media”. Can you please explain to me why the “…” ? Is it because it’s difficult ?
I want to apologize, I’ve wante to say : a social network and not a social media.

You need to learn the difference between client-side and server-side. For example PHP is nearly always used server-side and JavaScript is usually client-side. It would help for you to understand why database stuff is best done server-side.

There is much to learn about databases. You need to know how to create relationships in database data; how to connect data. You need to learn how to define the data to maximize programmer productivity and machine efficiency.

You need to learn how to design systems. Programmers tend to jump into programming and then after doing development they realize there is something different they need to do. Experienced programmers know that it is better to spend time thinking about what needs to be done. On that subject, it is much more important to be able to describe the programming that needs to be done than it is to decide the language used to implement it.

I do not know the details of the design of a social networking system but I assume that the database design actually is the most important part. There would be very many relationships among the data. You need to learn that.

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You would probably choose just one server-side language (used with the database system) to create the site.
And of course the various client side languages too.
If you are asking this kind of question, the project may be too advanced for you at this stage, it may be wiser to start with a less ambitious project to first find your feet with the various languages involved.
Though it’s not just about learning the language syntax, that is relatively easy, planning and designing the systems will be a challenge.

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