How to bring traffic to ecommerce website?

What is the best way to get traffic to my online used cell phone store? What would be the best way to get customers to the site?

There are no absolutes in marketing, only what works for you.

Start trying various tactic and see what performs. As things fly or don’t cut it determine if it’s the media, the visitor or the site to know where to adjust.

My advice would be to go through as many channels that your target audience use. Utilize all the social media platforms such as G+, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Work on SEO but don’t make it your primary root. Get involved with the online discussions where your target audience are. If you have any questions drop me a message.

This always depends on how much money/time you want to spend on your project!

Diversify your communication channels, which channel would you choose when searching for used cell phones? Differentiate yourself from your competitors!

If you have the budget and your site is fairly new SEM might be a viable option to get your new/page/service started. Communiation through natural search engine rankings is also important. Optimize your onpage, create a solid backlinking campaign and maybe choose a different keyword strategy than your competitors (for example long tail keywords).

Competition is tough in the tech. sector. If you rank in the top 10 for money keywords, you need to have a simple structured layout of your site, as many make the process (for example # of clicks) of buying a product way to complicated.

This is brilliant advice.


Firstly, I would suggest you to list your products on products listing sites( free & Paid). Google products feed is free of cost so initially you should list your products on Google Merchant that will not only generate the traffic for site but also some genuine leads for you.

Secondly, I would suggest you to do aggressive classified listings, articles posting, blog commenting, forum discussions etc.

Finally, I would suggest you to create social profiles on all major social networking sites like facebook, Google+, Linkedin, twitter etc. and participate actively to create brand awareness.

Some good advice there however I would disagree with blog commenting, classified listings and article posting. These have been used so much that spammers have taken advantage of them and you can be harshly penalized by Google for this. A new site may not recover. Forums are good when you’re not there for the links but for the traffic, to join in and of course it must be relevant to your niche.

When a customer or subscriber is happy with your business and the services that you provide them, they are more likely to recommend you to a friend. In today’s socially-connected world, referrals have an even greater ability to drive new customers. Nearly all of us are connected to Facebook, which now has over 1 billion active users. A positive recommendation can go a very long way. But so can negative feedback…

Businesses in nearly every industry put a lot of time, money, and effort into increasing customer satisfaction and here are 3 primary ways to make your subscribers and customers happier, more loyal, and most importantly more likely to tell their friends about you.
1-Provide Exceptional Customer Service
2- Provide World Class Deals from High Quality Businesses
3-Implement a Seamless Referral Program

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you can gain lots of natural backlinks from guest blogging, DoFollow blog, forum posting and social media interaction. you should not forget that backlinks are backbones and if you have quality content then you will quick ranking on major search engines.

A site is promote the same regardless if it sell phones, information, membership, etc. True: you will have to promote in specific areas, depending on it’s content.
So forums, social sites, social bookmarking, directories, link exchange ( with other phone related sites ).

Hmm. what about video marketing? Also advertising and social media.

Perform these white Hat SEO techniques:

  1. Create and write unique and fresh articles.
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Article submission
  4. Blogging
  5. Blog Commenting
  6. Press Release
  7. Yahoo Answers
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Guest Posting
  10. Video Creation
  11. RSS Submission
  12. Social Media

Can you apply those to this specific question?

First recognize your target market and the age group for which your eCommerce site is made. Accordingly as per their taste and choices, their likings and dislikings you have to do other things like Article submission, Blogs posting etc.


my opinion is do the good seo for the site…that make your ecommerce site traffic submission media bookmarking
3. add posts
4. artciles submissions
5. blogs submissions

Directory and article submissions are a waste of time and also adding your signature in when it is against the rules is a complete waste of time.

Yes totally waste of timings on these offpage works. rather than these, any new methods?

SEO is the best way to bring more traffic in your website. Either hire a good SEO professional who can work on your website to get the Google ranking or start doing it by your self. You can also use Google ad word’s paid service.

Other tools you can use is E-mail marketing: It can be very useful to bring traffic, Just look for company who sell database in you area and Buy a bulk of database should include emails address of the contact person(first you need to decide who is your target customers) in this case all individuals who uses phone are you target customers.

Than Prepare a customize nice looking and informative template of you services offerings. Start sending mails , Avoid sending HTML templates, with HTML template chances are more that your mail will be marked as a SPAM

Diwakar Joni

Bulk email (to a list of people who did not sign up for it) is a method of the past, the long past… Now made illegal in many countries, regulated closely in others and a sure-fire way to destroy your brand’s value no matter where you are from. The insignificant returns are not worth the downsides.

Great thinking and nice ideas, iwill try for this