Suggestion to become a specialist in SEO

Hey, Please share some suggestion with me.

Suggestion 1: Be able to articulate more than a single sentence.
Suggestion 2: Tell us what youve already tried. What youve already done, so that answers might possibly be tailored to your situation, rather than being the same mindless repeating drivel of copy pasted off-site SEO buzzwords.
Suggestion 3: If youre here to try and generste said buzzword lists, save us all the headache and use the search feature to find any of the hundreds of such posts already littering the forum.

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Welcome to the forums, @onestopequineshop10.

Judging by the number of members we have on this forum who are apparently working in SEO, the field is already crowded. However, I have seen very few who seem like genuine experts in their chosen area. Whether that means that there is a lack of really good SEO specialists, or whether it simply means they are not interested in participating in forums, I have no idea.

I’d say the place to start is with the big search engines, and especially Google. They helpfully provide advice and guidance with regards to what they do and don’t want.

Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” might be particularly helpful.

Read these guidelines thoroughly, look at what you would need to do to optimise a site within these guidelines, and ask yourself if you already possess all the necessary skills. If not, then you will have a good idea of what to learn to pursue your chosen path.

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