Is there any easiest way to get Adsense approved?

Does someone has any idea about getting an Adsense in easiest way.
I would have tried for couple of times but nothing worked out.
I’d appreciate if someone share me some good tricks or tips to get an easy approval with Adsense account.

Have a site that complies with their rules. They only reject sites that don’t comply so almost all sites get accepted fairly quickly and easily.

Offer them a bribe.

Look at their rules and see what type of sites they do not accept and make sure yours is not one of them. I know things like adult sites are not accepted, but I am not sure of what other one they don’t approve.

different rules apply for different countries. But usually is you’re in a developped country or a new market for adsense (such as thailand, new supported language) then opening a blogger account and adding a few good posts on a blog and then requesting an adsense account from the blogger platform should work.