How the interlink in web pages is beneficial for link juice, it is necessary?

I have one doubt about link Juice, if i pass the link from home through anchor text to the the inner pages then how it is beneficial for my inner pages page rank and how it is bad for home page page rank?

Google has been telling folk for more than five years to stop concentrating on PR, because it’s only one very small part of the algorithm they use.

My advice would be to listen to Google and stop worrying about it.

The most important thing about links is that they are set up in such a way as to allow your visitors to find and access the content they want as quickly and easily as possible. Incoming links should ideally point to the most relevant page, rather than simply to the home page. Internal links should be clear and easy to navigate.


PR doesn’t matter nowadays, though it’s nice to have a number above 50s :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, interlinking’s (or cross linking) primary use is to retain and subtly urge your users to check out other pages in your website, especially related content. For example, a news article I read a week ago about new air force helicopters has links in the body pointing to in-site articles related to military modernization.

In a way, it helps reduce bounce rate and somehow make your users be more familiar with your brand.

@mikhailblacer I agree with you but I have one more question,
If i set anchor text to my keyword and pass the link to inner pages so it is useful for increase my keyword ranking in search engine?
from where i can get More benefit of anchor text to increase the keyword rank ?

  1. From own Web Pages content.
  2. From Web 2.0 blogs, Article, PR.

which is the best?

I would doubt it.

Google cares far more about the content of the page than about the link text leading to it. On the other hand, if you try too hard to manipulate your link text with keywords, Google may see it as deliberate manipulation. See

Once again, the important thing is to concentrate on your human visitors. Construct your links, including the anchor text, in such a way that it is easy for them to navigate your site and find the content they want. If keywords in the anchor text is genuinely helpful for that, then go ahead and use them. If not, then don’t. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much a search engine may like your site, if real visitors do not. What’s the point in ranking high on Google if your visitors leave quickly because they can’t find what they want?

Preferably #1, especially if it leads to a related blog post or inner page. Again, it’ll help decrease bounce rate. I don’t usually link to other websites unless if I’m citing a source.

I work as a copywriter for an SEO company, and we’re told to put at least three links (two nofollow) in every client blog post. I don’t exactly know why we do this, but I kinda think it helps with the SEO campaign. I can’t give a definitive answer, considering I don’t have the stats or proof to back it up. :sweat:

lol, spoken like a true SEOer

Sorry, but I can’t help but think that much of SEO is based on “So many others have said it, that it must have some merit”

That’s the main reason I ignore most SEO “advice” unless it comes from a Google source (eg. Matt Cutts) or there is


LOL, true. If some self-acclaimed SEO professional says it works, everybody takes the bait and follows the “strategy”, even if it sounds absurd or violates Google’s TOS.

In my case though, I just follow the clients and the directions of the higher ups sooo :sweat:

Yes, if a client insists, not much other to do that to write some sort of “indemnification” clause into your contract.

We can advise, but not always persuade

True. Talked to my boss once, and most of the consult and report meetings he has are mostly spent on educating the clients. Lack of SEO know-how makes people demand unreasonable expectations.

You should interlink the article which are getting high traffic from Google. It sends a positive signals to google.

I’m not at all sure I understand you here. Do you have a Google source to support your idea?

As @mikhailblacer has already explained,

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