Do you link TO or FROM your home page for SEO?


I’m a little confused.

Do you link TO the home page, using good anchor text, from articles and other pages? Or, do you spread the rank FROM the front page (which doesn’t seem right to me!) ?

My site, which is ‘neutral’ right now has a home page rank of 4 and three other pages viewed more often which are all PR2.

I ask because I would like to use the wordpress plugin SEO Smart Links - or, when I have the answer from you guys, is it better to do it manually.

Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere but what is the phrase I should have searched for?


As for incoming links (i.e. links from other sites), try to get both links to your homepage and links to your internal pages, each of them with the corresponding relevant anchor text. This is the ideal policy with regards to SEO and improves ranking of your internal pages (on their own keywords).

As for your own links inside your site, try to have a clear structure and a clear menu, with links from home to internal pages, links from internal pages to home and links between internal pages. This is ideal for both human visitors and search engines (such a structure correctly transfers PR juice to your entire site)

As for outgoing links (i. e. links from your sites to other sites), do not post outgoing links in your homepage, excepted if agreed for high quality link exchange.

Thanks Jasmina,

It all gets a bit more complicated due to techniques such as siloing (spelling*) but I have never tried that.

I’ll stick to basics.

Well, its best to always link to other pages to your site. If you want to keep the link juice flowing, I’d recommend linking to and from the homepage.

That´s it pathfinder_05,

try to get a natural structure of Your web page.

Don´t worry to much about the PR from the incoming links You receive. It is quite normal to receive more links from pages with PR below 3 or 4. And it is also quite normal to have more incoming links referring to the main page than to the other pages.

But it seems that the Google algorithm is improving regarding to index the content of subpages. There was an interesting discussion about it I found in an interesting SEO blog, but i´m sorry it´s in german :wink:

You should try so se some outgoing links from Your subpages too (not to deep- the search engine and users should have the possibility to find the content within maximum 3 clicks) and as Jasmina was posting, try to create a clear structure in Your menu with links from internal pages to the home.

any website should be linked naturally, there should not be a separate effort for PR for each of website pages, just do links depending upon page importance. whole website will get page rank with the passage of time.

Thanks for the feedback team! Very reassuring!

I have decent links within the site, a html sitemap (Dagon Design Wordpress Sitemap plugin) and an xml sitemap.

Damn… if the ‘bots’ and ‘spiders’ need any more help I’m out of ideas.

Regarding link building it is essential for both home page and inner page. Concentrate on every pages with specific keywords.

Hi Anne,

Your statement is true, however quite a bit off topic.

I was originally referring spreading page rank within the website itself and not for search engine popularity (although the two are linked).

Thanks for the input though!

for Google, it’s all about quality content and link popularity. link popularity means a site must have lots of related inbound links. and one way of having inbound links is by having excellent content.

It depends on your targeted keywords. If you are targeting keywords on inner pages as well, then you need to build links for internal pages. Give anchor links on homepage to spread link value at inner pages.

I think it is based on the needs of my site. If it is an information, there are more outbound links. If it is selling products there are fewer. Generally, I don’t think about SEO too much anymore. I just focus on the people who visit my site.

Agree with Jasmina- its important to bring backlinks from good PR sites to your homepage first, and then spread out to your important pages. Be sure to use the relevant keywords in your anchor text for better results. :slight_smile: