What is the best in SMO?

what are the best feature of SMO and how it will help for site ranking ?

Social media is unlikely to have any direct effect on site ranking. Most social media links are nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines. Social media may help to drive traffic to your site, which may indirectly lead to more links, but that’s about all.

The purpose of social media is, after all, to be social.

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There are lot of benefit Do SMO according to me below are point are important.

1)Brand building.
2)Search engine ranking.
3)Targeting specific audience.
4)Creating inbound links.
5)Bookmarking and tagging.

i hope you Understand what i try to said.

SMO doesn’t directly impact your website rank as there is “no follow” applied, however indirectly if you are getting genuine traffic via social media and content is relevant to the concerned keywords then Google may reward you with a better rank…Social media gives you a chance to promote your brand fastest and in a easy way via various different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube and many more. There are many benefits of SMO that i have mention below:

  1. Attract more visitors in short span of time.
  2. Increase your Online Visibility.
  3. Helps in generating inbound links, results in improving the ranking of website among search engine result pages.
  4. Low cost
  5. Brand building

BRANDING is primary.

  • SMO stands for Social Media Optimization.
  • It’s Good for Increase traffic and Keyword Rank.
  • Product Branding
  • Increase Business Sales


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