How seo as well

now there are many different forms of advertising’re seo for my website but it’s very hard to top for me consult your good seo.

I want seo top 10 I should do what

Hi @thanhthai1691. You will find lots of bad SEO advice, so it’s an area to treat very carefully and do plenty of research. What sorts of things have you learned/tried so far?

I learned to go on the link above to rank it is good the method

Be careful with seeding links all over the place. Google will probably ignore most or all of your efforts. The point of backlinks is that other people have seen value in your site … and search engines are pretty good at recognising fake links from genuine ones. Also remember that search engines like Google ignore forum links, as they are mostly set to “no-follow”.

thank you very much
so i have to do get Google appreciated

What should I do to help my website to the top
can you give me some advice

Have you looked through our SEO tips? It’s not a perfect guide, but will give you some starting points: All You Need To Know About SEO

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Try to figure out your techniques and improvise them in new concept of daily promotion linking and branding with white hat seo.

@savish_frstech - please remember that thanhthai1691 is new to SEO. Your post is of no help to a beginner. Please explain what techniques you are suggesting, and what you mean by a “new concept” in using them.

@thanhthai1691 - as you are new to SEO, I would strongly suggest you download Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which is aimed at beginners.

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thank you everyone
I will read the document you gave me

@tanhthai1691 Check this guide too “” may be it will help you.

Your site should undergo an onpage SEO first, website analysis, keyword research, meta data creation etc. should be done first before going into offpage SEO. After onpage was finished, you can then proceed to linkbuilding, social media marketing and so on.

I agree with kessyholmes point.OnPage SEO has to be done before we go for Off-page SEO.
Keyword based blogs, website analysis, meta tags , Alt tags and focus keywords etc.Also go through the below links .

Hope this helps.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimizations is divided into two parts
1)ON-Page & 2) OFF-Page
If you are designing a website than you have to be careful that you design does not conflict it. All possibles on page things be done like TITLE, DESCRIPTIONS, META TAGS, META DESCRIPTIONS, CONTENT & ALT TAGS.
Coming to the OFF- Page you can Do many things and this is the place where you should be careful because if you don’t know what to do than you can waste your all efforts.
try to make back links with the high page ranking website, and try to get the back links from the website that provides the same services as you do.
Try to promote your Content by writing Article, Blogging and many thing.

Now time, Google is just playing with career of Seo Guys. If Google wants every payable things from the client. Like every good Link Submission sites ask for money and google also say to write the content and content. if Google wants content only then what’s the value of SEO guys. Now time everybody is facing the problem. and Google is being over smart but don’t see about youngster career. Keywords ranking are not going up and no body is ready to pay money. where should we go now and Google should understand this.

Welcome to the forums, @ankushsharmaseo. Your reply is a little off-topic, and I don’t want to take this thread in another direction, but I think your comments need a response. You’re right that Google is not concerned about the careers of those in SEO, any more than manufacturers building more fuel-efficient engines worry about those in the petrochemical industry. It simply isn’t their concern. Google’s business is to provide the best possibly search results to people using their service, and they strive to do this by constantly refining their algorithm. For years, a large section of those offering “SEO services” have simply been trying to play the system - get their sites high in the results, irrespective of how useful they may actually be to the visitor arriving as the result of a search. To protect their own business, and provide a better experience for their users, Google has had to find ways to prevent this. SEO is changing, and like any industry where thee is major change, those involved will need to change with it or move on.[/ot]

Yes, IMHO Google has been most open about what it prefers and one will do best by working with them, rather than trying to work them. eg.

Your site sells red widgets
But you want to come up tops in the SERPs for those searching for blue hoodads.

So? If I am interested in buying a blue hoodad will my seeing a site selling red widgets be of any help or even any interest? - NOT -

Concentrate on selling your red widgets to red widget buyers and leave us blue hoodad people alone, Please!

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